Dunedin Zouk and Kizomba Intensive 2025

Dunedin Zouk and Kizomba Intensive 2024 is happening from March 15th to March 17th at the same awesome venue as the 2023 edition, the Union Hall!

We will have over 20hrs of Zouk and Kizomba workshops happening simultaneously in different rooms. There will be different levels to choose from as well for both styles - Fundamental, Intermediate and Advanced*.
We will also have a Zouk Novice and Intermediate Jack and Jill competition, and a Kizomba open competition.
Sign ups for the competitions is coming soon...

We are excited to announce the confirmed artists so far:
⭐️Iago and Vanessa from Brazil (Zouk)
⭐️Sara Nicole from Australia (Kizomba)
⭐️Yannick Assoba from Ivory Coast (Kizomba)
⭐️Yami and Elina from France/Czech Republic (Kizomba)
⭐️Wesley and Rachel from Australia (Zouk)
⭐️Reverson and Kate from Brazil/NZ (Kizomba)
⭐️Emily and Augusto from NZ/Brazil (Zouk/Kizomba)

This will be an awesome and intensive learning experience!
We'll also have three themed parties going from 8:30pm until 1am:
->Friday (15th) White Party
->Saturday (16th) Haunted House Party + Showcase
->Sunday (17th) Psychedelic Party + Prizegiving

Haven't got your pass yet? Don’t miss the opportunity of learning from these artists and many more!

To sum up why should you come to the Dunedin Zouk & Kizomba Intensive:

• 20 hours of workshops to choose from!
• 3 themed parties!
• Awesome venue with two big rooms for simultaneous workshops of both styles and different party environments!
• Heaps of amazing international and national artists to learn from!
• Zouk and Kizomba Jack and Jill’s!
• Awesome opportunity to regroup with dance friends from around New Zealand!
• Perfect time for touristing in Dunedin!

How much does it cost?
• Early Bird pass $265 (until September 30th or we run out, 30 passes)
• In Time Bird pass $280 (until October 31st or we run out, 30 passes)
• Late Bird pass $290 (until January 31st or we run out, 40 passes)
• Last Minute Bird pass $300 (until the date of the event)

*What is the criteria to join the Advanced worshops?

For the Advanced Zouk workshops we recommend:
-Having at least one year experience of dancing Zouk
-Knowing all fundamental patterns: basic step, viradinha, lateral, bônus, soltinho, elástico, yoyo etc.
-Knowing important body movements such as body rolls, body circles, laterality (snaking), contraction, chicote and cambret
-Knowing fundamentals of circular head movements

For the Advanced Kizomba workshops we recommend:
-Having at least one year experience dancing Kizomba
-Knowing all fundamental patterns: basic 1, basic 2, basic 3, cha-cha step, ladies saída, men saída, open door
-Knowing fundamentals of controled weight transfer, blocks and speed change

What if you don't meet the Advanced criteria?
We are creating the timetable so that if you don't meet the requirements for an advanced workshop of your favorite style, there will be a fundamental workshop or similar (styling, body mechanics, body movement etc) happening simultaneously in the other room of the other style. It'll be a great opportunity to broaden your knowledge of both Zouk and Kizomba!

Passes available now!
Get yours before prices go up!!