Meet the team

Augusto Hugues von Montfort

Augusto is the founder and director of Dança Latina Dunedin. He teaches all the dance styles at his dance school. He also teaches Salsa at OUSA and Vuelta dance. He has more than 12 years of experience with latin dancing, and has been teaching in Dunedin for 4 years now. He is a well known New Zealand Latin Dance Champion and has a post graduate degree in Health and Exercise.

Emily Armstrong

Emily is Augusto's dance partner, and they travel to teach and compete around New Zealand and Australia. She started dancing at a very young age, training and competing in Ballet and Jazz for many years. She started dancing Salsa and Bachata about 13 years ago, and over time trained in a wide variety of other styles including zouk and kizomba. For 8 years, Emily taught many of these styles at her dance school, Salsa Club Dunedin. She also owns and runs a dance school for children.

Emma Cunningham

Emma Cunningham is a teacher at Dança Latina Dunedin. She has 5 years of experience with Latin dancing as well as 15 years experience as a competitive ice skater. She has been teaching dance since 2022. Emma has a Bachelor of Teaching and is working towards a qualification in second language teaching.

Jo Fairweather

Jo hosts the weekly Zouk and Kizomba practice and also assists Augusto with the Zouk classes. She started dancing Salsa eleven years ago with Alfonso Rios in Dunedin. She was a founding member of Salsa club Dunedin and went on to learn Bachata and Kizomba, but once she discovered Brazilian Zouk it became her favorite dance style. Jo loves to travel to dance events, compete and dance with new people. She loves to practice and dances every day!

Tomas Sobek

Tomas started dancing Salsa in 2012 with Alfonso Rios in Dunedin, then continued learning Salsa, Bachata, and Kizomba with Salsa Club Dunedin. He eventually discovered Brazilian Zouk and it became his main dance style. He enjoys traveling to dance events both in New Zealand and overseas, and regularly supports all levels of dance classes, weekly socials, and group practice.