Confirmed Artists

Iago and Vanessa - Brazil - Zouk and Lambada

Iago Hassuike and Vanessa Meirelles are professional dancers from São Paulo - Brazil. They have been specialists in Brazilian Zouk and Lambada since 2018. They received many awards in their career like: World Lambada Championship, National Brazilian Zouk Championship and others. Their masters were: Ariel & Letícia, Philip Miha, David & Deywylla, Rafael Machado, Daniel Darbello. They are one of the couples from the group "Geração São Paulo" and teach regular classes, study groups, workshops and in congresses all around the world.
They have received many awards from championships in their specialities and in academic dances. Iago with an experience in pedagogy since 2016 and Vanessa with more then 15 years of experience in dance styles like Jazz, ballet and contemporary. Together they make a united couple and they complete eachother in a special way! With a dance based on a mix of Lambada and Brazilian Zouk and made by happiness and complicity, their dream is to share their love and passion for this art with everyone around the world.

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Yami and Elina - Czech Republic - Kizomba Fusion

Elina started her dance journey with classic dance - ballet & ballroom. During last 12 years she learned, performed, and taught multiple styles like bachata (Czech republic champion 2017) , Salsa, Brazilian zouk, Kizomba, Urbankiz ( Barcelona Battlekiz Champion 2022) and Tango. She is passionate about beauty and elegance in dancing. Her goal is to share with ladies techniques that helps them express themselves in couple dancing, and find authentic ways of styling with confidence.
Internationally renowned, Yami is known and recognized for his pedagogy, originality, technique and passion for dance. He was the first French teacher to export Kizomba to the United States in 2010. The quality and diversity of its courses make it one of the most requested actors on the international Latin-American scene ... (USA, EUROPE, ASIA, AUSTRALIA and even in AFRICA). Yami is a self-taught dancer who draws his influence from urban and Afro-Caribbean culture. Founder of "I'M A DANCER" brand and "SO DANCER dance crew" he has been a passionate teacher since 2008.

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Wesley and Rachel - Brazil/Australia - Zouk

Wesley, originally from Betim - Brazil, had his first contact with dance through hip hop & Brazilian street dancing classes. In 2011 he became a Bolsista (scholarship student) at Dance Days Betim Academy where he studied Zouk and other Brazilian dance styles.
Rachel started classical ballet at the age of 5 and danced in the South Australian Children's Ballet Company until she was 18. Then in 2014 she began to study Brazilian Zouk.
After Wesley moved to Adelaide in 2017, they began training & teaching together under Arthur and Layssa. In 2020, they co-founded Brasilatino Studios and since then have created South Australia’s first Zouk festival - One Zouk Congress. They have a passion for sharing Brazilian dance, constantly developing their own skill set and passing on their knowledge to build Brazilian Zouk in Australia and the wider community. Simply, they love what they do!

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Sara Nicole - Australia - Kizomba Fusion

Sara initially started dancing at the age of 5 with jazz ballet classes, however broadened her depth of dance education during high school, receiving exceptional grades in performance, choreography and written appreciation analysis. She discovered her passion for Latin dancing during a volunteer trip to Costa Rica in 2010 and the Latin scene has been a huge part of her life ever since - offsetting her “day job”as a financial accountant. Starting her dance journey training under the instruction Kadu Pires, Larissa Thayane & Tarciso Tiatini-Climaco at Rio Rhythmics and later joining the teaching team at K&L Dance. Sara has been touching the hearts of students, international artists and organisers alike, at a number of well-established festivals around Australia and Australasian countries, such as NZ Salsa Congress, Noumea International Kizomba Festival, Whitsunday Latin Festival, Australian Kizomba Festival, AWAKE and I’m Your DJ, Kuala Lumpur, with admirable feedback in relation to her workshops, performances alongside her former dance partner Luke Jorgensen.

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Yannick Assoba - Ivory Coast - Kizomba and Semba

Yannick was born and raised in Ivory Coast. Growing up surrounded by African music and dance, he started his Kizomba/Semba journey 10 years ago. Moving to Europe, Yannick expanded his knowledge by organizing festivals and traveling across the continent. Today Yannick lives in Sydney and keeps on sharing his love for the dance and he is the Semba specialist.

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Reverson and Kate - Brazil/New Zealand - Kizomba Fusion

Kate Treweek has started her dancing career at 12 years old doing Jazz Ballet and carrying on doing ballroom dance, and salsa competing. She also has other dances backgrounds such as Brazilian Zouk and specially Kizomba in the past years experiencing the most amazing Urban Kiz/Fusion flavours.
Rev Costa originally from Brazil, adopted New Zealand as home. He started Kizomba at the beginning of 2017, and has been studying kizomba and learning from many talented dancers (such as Chris PY, Sara Nicole, Kristofer Mencak, Guiu and Borboleta, Nelson Campos, Jeremy Lao) since. He has tried some other styles too, to develop an interesting and unique style of Kizomba Fusion.

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Emily and Augusto - New Zealand/Brazil - Zouk/Kizomba Fusion

Emily started dancing at a very young age, training and competing in Ballet and Jazz for many years. She started dancing Salsa and Bachata about 14 years ago, and over time trained in a wide variety of other styles including zouk and kizomba. For 8 years, Emily taught many of these styles at her dance school, Salsa Club Dunedin. She also ran a dance school for children.
Augusto is from Brazil, has been social dancing for 12 years, and has been teaching a wide range of dance styles for over 6 years now. He has attended congresses and festivals all over Brazil, New Zealand, and Australia. He now lives in Dunedin where he owns and runs his own dance school, Dança Latina Dunedin. Emily and Augusto have been dance partners for more than 4 years and their favorite dance styles are Zouk and Kizomba. They have taught both these styles all around New Zealand and in Australia. They also have competed together in many styles and have had great success.

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