I am super happy to be bringing close friends from Brazil to teach in Dunedin!

Xandinho and Mirella are renowed Brazilian Zouk teachers and event organizers. They will be spending some time in Dunedin and we will do a day of Zouk Workshops + Zouk Party + After party with them on Saturday June 8th! It will be 4 hours of workshops from 12:30pm until 5pm and party from 8pm until 11pm with bar available at The Dish Cafe & Bar (8 Stafford st). After that we'll head to the Dança Latina studio across the street to keep partying until people run out of energy!

Learn a little more about our international guests!

Dance professionals, lovers of movement and human body students, Xandinho and Mirella see consciousness and all its forms as a portal to communicate and express themselves in dance. Fluidity, creativity, autonomy and presence are points explored both in the social dance and in the professional methodology of the teachers from the South of Brazil.
Xandinho and Mirella started working together in January 2023, before that Xandinho was already a dancer and teacher specializing in zouk, event producer and ballroom dance student since 2014. Mirella has a degree in physiotherapy and studies the body and development human motor since 2014. She began his dance studies through urban dances and since 2017 she has been teaching individual dances.
Now, with a beautiful partnership, Xandinho and Mirella are teaching ZOUK around Brazil and the world.