Ourspecial guest from France/Caribean Thomas Trew will be teaching three hours of Kizomba workshops on July 8th from 4:30pm onwards.

The first hour will be about Semba, which is the dance style that Kizomba originated from; Second hour will be about Fusion, which is a variation of Kizomba with moves inspired by other dance styles; Third hour will be about Tarraxo, which is a variation of Urban Kizomba where the focus is on body movents. All workshops will be Open level, so anyone is welcome to join but it will be easier if you already know Kizomba basics.

After all these workshops we'll have a two hour practica where Thomas Trew will be around to dance with everyone!

Everything will happen at the Stuart Hall, behind Knox Church (449 George st).

Learn more about Thomas Trew

Trew is a Kizomba teacher all the way from Paris (France), originally from Guadeloupe. Trew started to dance Kizomba 8 years ago and has trained extensively in all styles of Kizomba. In 2018 Trew began his teaching career with dance partner Naïs (Trew & Naïs), together they have travelled in more than 20 different countries for dancing and giving workshops. Trew is looking forward to sharing his passion of kizomba with you.